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Always available

Store your favorite websites in the cloud: available from anywhere and any device.


A great way to create visually appealing webmixes, emphasize links or areas as well as for younger students to easily click their way through your resources.

Easy to use

Add your favorite websites with one click and keep your collections apart by position, color and/or tabs.

Why Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is the #1 choice for teachers, schools and districts who are seeking the best way to organize their online content. You can use Symbaloo to store and share websites, videos, documents, and anything else with a web link.

Your favorite resources, together in one place

Collect and organize your favorite websites, videos, documents, articles and more - all in one place! Use tabs, folders, color-coding, labeling, or any of our other cool features to create the perfect startpage.

Available on any device, on your favorite browser

Set Symbaloo as your homepage on your personal computer, tablet and mobile and always have Google search and your most visited websites in the palm of your hand.

Symbaloo is supported by every device with any browser.

Share your favorite websites or personal homepage with other users

Share your favorite websites with your friends through social media, e-mail, or share them publicly in the Symbaloo Webmix Library!

In the Webmix Library you can discover interesting webmixes that have been created and shared by other Symbaloo users.

The Symbaloo Extension is a helpful add-on for your browser to add new tiles to your Symbaloo webmixes as you browse the web

Saving your favorite websites and online resources is easier than ever! With the Symbaloo Bookmarker extension you can add the website you are visiting to your Symbaloo account without even leaving the website. This will make your online life easier and help you keep your favorite websites and resources in one place; accessible at any time, on any device.

Use the Bookmark Importer to easily transfer your favorites from any web browser into Symbaloo

Import favorites to your Symbaloo account to ensure that you never lose them. Because they are saved in our secure online platform, you will be able to login and and access them from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Each bookmark imported will be saved as a tile. If you have different folders of bookmarks they will be separated into different webmixes in your Symbaloo account.

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Use the best resources to create the perfect online lesson plan. Quickly guide students through an interactive learning path and track their progress in real-time!

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